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Juma TRX2A details

juma frontJuma rear

The Juma TRX2A is a "simplistic" transceiver in the sense that it's electrical design is straight foreward and clean
and the
user interface is extremely simple to handle.

There are a mere 4 knobs and 7 push buttons at the front panel.

The knobs control VFO (frequency), AF Gain, RIT and CW Speed (alternatively Squelch).

The push buttons select Power on/off, Display/Config, Mode, RIT on/off, Filter (bandwidth), VFO select and tuning rate.

Juma TRX2A internalsInternal TRX2A view (picture at left)

The Control and DDS board is attached to the front panel.

The 10 watt final amplifier is located in the far rear and
attached to the rear panel.

On the far rear right side the TX LPF filters can be seen,
left to that the RX input front end filters.

Te remaining space sports the PCB with the SCAF
(Switched Capacity Filter) and the two phasing network
filters (one for RX, one for TX) plugged-in vertically.

The cable in the rear of the picture connects to top cover
mounted speaker.

Notice the very well thought-through internal layout.

Detailed view towards the two polyphase network plug-in boards with the SCAF audio filter
board in-between.

TRX2A internals detail

Bottom view of the Juma TRX2A, as said already: very clean!

Juma TRX2A bottom

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