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N0SA squeeze paddles (09-Jan-2014)

looking at the well-known (at least for me) N0SA website, there is no more mentioning about N0SA paddles.

I don't know what happened. If *you* know: please drop me an email!

I own 2 of his paddles and they are a real work of art!
I am so convinced of these paddles that I have sold all of my Begalis!

Pictures of my N0SA paddles will follow soon...

VK2DLF morse keys hand-made in Australia

A few years ago I came across Georg Goerge's (VK2DLF) paddles made in Australia.

Meanwhile I own 2 of his keys:

a "bug" key (type "BUG001") and a squeeze paddle (type "Paddle900").

The keys are hand-made to your order and have a perfect handling and finish, especially if you are considering the price Georg is asking for his "beauties". Yes, these keys definitely are real "beauties" and perform exceptionally well!

If you want to put my "rating" into a comparative perspective: I also own 3 Begali paddles, 3 GHD paddles, a couple of Vibroplex keys, a "Scheunemann" paddle made in Germany, and a number of others.

As the key is hand-made to order you need to have some real patience until delivery. But I can assure you it's absolutely worth waiting for it. 

I can highly recommend Georg's keys- They are a real work of art at a more than fair price.

See his website here:

VK2DLF morse keys


In this section I am presenting various Morse Keys which
I own.

This inludes mini-keys, mechanical bugs and standard-sized squeeze paddles for electronic keyers.

These pages are still incomplete as I am currently in the process to "polish-up" my website with a new design and then add much more content into it (Aug-2009)
For mechanical bugs please read-on here.
For sqeeze paddles please read-on here.
For unique and small-sized keys please read-on here.