Keys for Electronic Keyers (2)
Now, let's have a look at some of the Paddles. They are all dual lever versions.
Vibroplex 'Vibro Keyer' (USA)
The mechanics of this paddle are very similar to those of the Vibroplex 'Original' bug. The paddle has a spring tension control which can be adjusted quite smoothly. It feels a little 'heavy' in operation, i.e. it takes more 'force' to move the paddles sidewards compared to other brands.
Kent paddles (UK)
The paddles of the Kent key are suspended by 2 ball bearings. IMHO a little 'unusual' for this kind of motion requirements. However, it feels quite ok. Paddle tension control is via springs and can be adjusted without a tool.
The key comes as a 'kit', so you need to assemble it yourself, which is a no-brainer.
Jones Key (UK)
The Jones key is beautifully made out of brass. Paddle tension is controlled by springs, adjustment is done without the need of a tool.
It also feels a little 'heavy' in operation.
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