Patcomm PC-9000
This is a nice portable HF transceiver including 6m operation. The transceiver features 40 watts output with button-selectable 5 watt QRP operation. It was being produced by PATCOMM, an US based HF ham radio manufacturer and was purchased thru their European distributor in the Netherlands.
The rig is a ham band only transceiver with 10.7 Mc single conversion IF. Selectivity is provided by a crystal filter with bandwidth suitable for SSB. Additional selectivity can be achieved by tuning the standard built in audio filter. This is especially helpful for CW operation.

There seem to be two AGC loops being integrated:
one at IF level and another one at audio level. As a result, desensing by close-in stations is much improved compared to some other equipment with audio based filters.
The rig features RIT, SPLIT, selectable AGC and does have an integrated electronic CW keyer. CW break in operation is quite ok. The S-meter is rather small so readings are more like a trend indication. Tuning steps can be changed sequentially which is a little annoying until you get used to the procedure.

Overall, the PC-9000 is a fun rig to use as it is very easy to operate without the hassle of getting used to multi-dimensional menue structures.